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About Us



Carly's Cupboard, an extension of Acorn Kitchen, offers a weekly menu featuring medicinal foods with often forgotten or disgraced reputations. We champion common "weeds," showcasing their nutritional gifts and culinary virtues in a variety of creative condiments, baked goods, and side dishes. We also feature traditional foods grown or harvested in ways that promote biodiversity and survival of land and culture. 

A longtime student of wellness with personal experience healing using nutrition, Carly's Cupboard is stocked with foods crafted with those on a therapeutic diet in mind.  My food is always free of gluten, soy, GMOS, or refined sugar.  I seek out the highest quality ingredients, source locally whenever possible, and carefully weigh ecological considerations in each of my offerings.

I have experience with ketogenic, paleo, gluten-free, and autoimmune protocol (AIP) diets and strive to offer foods supportive to those diets.