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Ordering and Pickup FAQ

How to Place an Order

1. Please place your order through this website by Friday at 3 p.m. If you're having trouble with it, please call Carly at 413 588 6881 or email

2. Write any allergies, questions, or concerns in the notes section at checkout. This is also the spot to indicate how you'd like to receive your order (see below). If you're a new customer and leave this blank, I'll assume you want to pick up in Cummington on Tuesday. 

3. If you're late placing your order please text or email Carly to give her a heads up.

4. If you have not received a confirmation by Saturday 10:00 p.m., please call: 413 588 6881.

4. Payment is due at the time of pick-up or delivery. I strongly encourage you to pay by cash or check to help me avoid fees associated with online payments. Checks can be made out to Carly Leusner OR Acorn Kitchen. Alas, the bank no longer accepts "Carly's Cupboard," so stick to one of the above instead. Please write your order number on the check or on the cash envelope. You can find your order number in the confirmation email. 

5. We package all foods in glass containers; please do your best to return them washed in a timely manner.

Enjoy and happy healing!

Please feel free to contact Carly if you have any questions regarding the food itself: text/call: 413 588 6881 or email:


Options for Receiving Your Order

Thanks for placing an order with us! There are several ways to receive your order:

All orders will be ready by 3 PM on Tuesday. Please write in the notes section at checkout if you'd like to use option #3. If you leave it blank, Cummington pickup is the default (unless you're ordering with Alice, in which case your order automatically gets combined with hers). 

1. I'd like to pickup my order in Cummington as soon as it's ready! The earliest pickups are at Alice's Kitchen 48 Trouble St. Cummington, MA (email for directions, GPS may ensnare you in an involuntary tour of Cummington). Just show up, walk up the ramp and go in, following the COVID protocol outlined here. Your order will be in the walk-in refrigerator with your name on it, along with the invoice. If you're paying by check, place it in the envelope on the walk-in door (reminder to put your order number on the check). If paying by cash, please enclose it in an envelope marked for Carly and denote your name and/or order number.

2. I'm already placing an order with Alice's Kitchen (AK) will my Carly's Cupboard (CC) order be included with it? Yes! If you pickup, your CC order will be ready and packed with your AK order. If Alice delivers to you, your CC will be looped in with the delivery. Easy peasy.

3. Cummington is far away from me, are there other options for pickup? Absolutely! I deliver to the Florence area on Wednesday evening. You can meet me at the Forbes library at 5:30PM to pickup your order. House deliveries in the Florence/Northampton area are possible, depending on your location.

4. Shipping is possible. Please inquire by email:

Please indicate how you'd like to receive your order at checkout in the notes section. First time home deliveries must be arranged over email.