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Safety Measures During the Pandemic

We would love it if you would follow the following protocol when picking up food:

1. Walk into the kitchen and wash your hands at the small sink by the walk-in refrigerator.  There are paper towels for drying and a blue bag to toss the used ones in.

 2. Then go back to the entrance door and spray both door knobs (in and out) with the bleach spray bottle on the counter by the door.  Let drip dry. 

3. Spray the walk-in door handle when you leave.

4. If we typically see you face-to-face, we ask that you keep a  distance of 8 feet.  We will give you the warmest distance hug that is possible!

5. If you're sick or have knowingly been exposed to a coronavirus patient, please don't pick up your food!  Give a call and we can arrange delivery.